6 Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen With Colour

January 15th, 2024

Aside from being a functional space to prepare meals, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. Whilst a kitchen must work on a practical level, it is also important to think about how you want your kitchen to feel. We have put together 6 ways you can introduce colour into your kitchen to create the perfect environment:


Painting cupboards is a budget friendly way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you like to keep an eye out for a bargain, why not look at painting an ex-display or factory kitchen! 

Whether you want to use the same colour on every unit for a coherent scheme or mix things up with a quirky colour palette to introduce some fun into your kitchen, painting your cupboards can be transformative. 

Photo courtesy of Mylands. Colour: Sloane Square No.92

Use Benjamin Moore Stix Primer Sealer followed by Benjamin Moore Advance Satin. The combination of these two products allows for a high end finish on cupboards and woodwork and with 3,500 Benjamin Moore paint colours to choose from your kitchen will be one like no other! For a truly transformative look, use your painter and decorator to ensure the best finish.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.


Refreshing your wooden kitchen worktops is a great way to easily update the look of your kitchen. With fantastic products such as Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil, it's even easier! 

Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil is a protective wood treatment for interior use. It combines natural oils and waxes to form a hardwearing and durable finish which is ideal for wooden flooring and furniture.

Polyx Hardwax Oil provides a warm and rich effect that brings out the true beauty of all woods by emphasising the grain and promoting its natural characteristics. It is microporous, durable and will not crack, flake or peel. Resistant to common household spillages, so ideal for a kitchen worktop! 


There are so many things to consider when creating a kitchen - worktops, cabinets, splashbacks, flooring...but painting the walls can introduce a new feel to the kitchen completely. According to colour psychology, red is the best colour for a kitchen as it stimulates appetites. 

Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball. Colour, Picture Gallery Red.

Earthy browns are also a great choice as it resembles the very place our food comes from. Yellows and whites are also a great choice, especially if you start your morning in the kitchen and want to feel energised for the day. Psychology aside, darker kitchens have soared in popularity in recent years with the colour green remaining a firm favourite across the board.

Have you ever thought about using wallpaper in your kitchen? Since wallpaper comes in a variety of different colours, patterns and textures, it can be a great way to update the space. Be sure to make sure the wallpaper you select matches the same colours that exist in the kitchen already for a coherent look.

Photo courtesy of Sanderson. Wallpaper: Stapleton Park in Midnight/Gold.

If you want to create a fun but functional wall, why not try chalkboard paint? Chalkboard paint is a really easy way to create some practicality in your kitchen as it can be used to meal plan, create shopping lists or simply a place for the kids to get creative whilst you're cooking.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves are a great way of adding extra storage to your kitchen whilst adding a decorative element to your space. Once you have found the ideal space for your shelves, it's time to think about decorating them! 

For a cohesive look, paint your shelves the same colour as your cupboards so they blend in seamlessly with your kitchen. Alternatively, bring a pop of colour into your kitchen by painting your shelves in a contrasting shade, which will immediately draw your eye to your beautiful new display.

Photos courtesy of Little Greene. Colours, Canton and The Aquamarine family.

If you want to add a rustic look to your kitchen, use a wood stain such as Liberon Wood Dye or Liberon Finishing Oil to nourish and enhance the wood’s, highlighting the original grain and colour of your shelves. 

Kitchen Islands.

A kitchen island creates a beautiful centre piece to your kitchen and can be used in many different ways. From food prep to homework and crafting to entertaining, its often a multifunctional space. Whilst very practical, the kitchen island can also be a great way to introduce a new colour into your kitchen. 

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore. Kitchen island colour: Caribbean Blue.

Choose a matching colour to complement a monochromatic scheme or go bold to make your island stand out. This is a great way to introduce a colour you love quickly and easily, without needing to decorate your entire kitchen. For the best results, get your painter and decorator in as they will ensure your kitchen island will be of the highest quality finish.

Inside Cupboards.

If you want to introduce colour into your kitchen but want to keep the space as neutral as possible, why not give the insides of your cupboards a splash of colour? This would look incredible in a pantry as well!

Image courtesy of Orac Decor.

If you have a neutral colour scheme for your kitchen, adding a bold blue, pastel pink or a graceful green inside your cupboards will help bring your personality into the space.

Kitchen Decor Inspiration:
  1. Paint your kitchen cupboards a fresh new colour.
  2. Redecorate your kitchen worktops with woodcare products.
  3. Paint or wallpaper your walls.
  4. Introduce kitchen shelves to paint and decorate.
  5. Introduce a new colour to your kitchen by painting your island.
  6. Paint the inside of your cupboards for a secret pop of colour!