Exterior Paint Colours With Albany

May 31st, 2024

Switching up the colour of your house can make a huge difference to it's curb appeal and adds an extra level of protection from the elements. It can even add value to your home! But what colour should you go for? Here is our masonry paint colour guide from Albany.

Find Your Finish With Albany:

Albany Masonry Paint is BBA certified. The British Board of Agrement is the UK’s major authority, offering approval and certification for products supplied to the construction industry. This means that Albany Smooth Masonry is an approved masonry paint which will provide up to 10 years protection for your home, providing the preparation and application has been completed as per the instructions on the tin. Albany has 60 masonry colours which have been specifically formulated for masonry paint which will lead to the best colour retention. 

Albany Smooth Masonry Paint is a durable, water-based coating that has been specifically designed for masonry surfaces. With excellent adhesion qualities, great colour retention and resists flaking, all you need to do now is to decide on the colour!

4 Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Perfect Masonry Paint Colour

1. What colours bring you joy?

Choosing a colour that will enhance the heart-warming feeling you get when you come home is a great place to start. Choosing a colour that brings you joy will make the investment worth it. Who wouldn’t want to have a home that stands out from the crowd!  For the deepest blue, try Chelsea Blue, for a cheery yellow try Forsythia or for a rich dark pink, try Phantom.

2. Seek inspiration from the elements:

Turning to your surroundings for inspiration is a great way to find a natural hue that blends seamlessly into the landscape. Lunar Blue is a lovely deep blue reminiscent of the sea or wide-open sky, whilst Mid Stone is a great neutral for country or urban settings. If you want to be reminded of lush greenery, try Lakeland Green.

3. Look at the houses on the street you live on:

This top tip really does depend on where you live. If you are on a small street in a country village, paying attention to the other colours used on your street will help you decide on a colour that is most in-keeping with the scenery. If you live on a long road in a busy town, it may not be as important to you to match with the rest of the houses. Adding a pop of colour to the street may provide passers-by with a little joy and who knows, you may become the trend-setting neighbour and encourage others to rejuvenate the outside of their homes. Portland is a lovely muted grey, Mushroom is a soft and sophisticated beige and Cornflower is delightful mid-blue.

4. Where is your property located?

For homes that are particularly open to the elements, ditch crisp whites as it will not be crisp for long! Instead opt for soft neutrals such as Hazelnut or New Gardenia. If your property is north facing you will need to consider the effect lighting has on your chosen colour. North-facing light is often the coolest - you can work with it by embracing the cool tones with deep greys, blues or greens or opt for a warmer neutral shade with yellow undertones such as Tusk. Always ensure you buy a tester pot first to see how the colour looks before committing to painting your entire house.

Browse all the Albany colours online or head into store to pick up your free colour card!