How To Hang Wallpaper Around Corners

June 30th, 2020

Learning how to wallpaper around a corner is a vital skill to achieve the perfect finish. Here we give you all the top tips on how to wallpaper external corners and internal corners with the best results.

How To Wallpaper Around A Corner - Top Tips

Never hang a full width wallcovering around an inside corner. Always do it in two pieces.

First, measure the distance from the edge of the last piece you hung to the corner. Do this at several points between the ceiling and skirting to find the maximum distance. Then take a length of wallcovering and cut it so that it is about 13mm (1/2”) wider than this measurement, paste it and hang with the extra 13mm overlapping around the corner onto the next wall. Where corners are not accurately plastered, you must be more generous with the overlap.

Match the pattern as well as you can - a slight mismatch in the corner is not normally obvious.

On the next wall take the rest of the piece and mark a vertical guide line a little more than its width out from the corner.

Paste this length and hang it, matching the pattern, alongside the vertical line and perfectly parallel to it, brushing back into the corner and overlapping the 13mm which has already been carried round.

Match the pattern as well as you can – a slight mismatch in the corner is not normally obvious.

How To Wallpaper Outside Corners

For outside corners, follow the same technique, although you should allow a wrap-round of at least 51mm (2”).

Overlapping thicker wallcoverings like blown vinyl can be difficult to stick down. In this case, slice through the two thicknesses after overlapping and remove the surplus pieces from underneath, so giving you a perfect butt joint. 

When slicing through, use a good straight edge and a very sharp knife, cutting at a low angle – and take great care.

Ordinary flat vinyls or wallcoverings with a similar shiny surface require a special adhesive.

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