Sleigh Christmas With Georgina Burnett

December 6th, 2021

Upcycle your Unloved Baubles

Give your shabby Christmas decorations a new lease of life! Grab your old baubles and leftover tester pots to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your Christmas tree. If you really want to go all out, why not use the same colours as your walls for a tree-mendously cohesive colour scheme!

1. First you will need to make a prop, so decorating your baubles will be nice and easy. Use an upturned punnet and pierce a hole for a lolly stick to sit into. You will then need to sit the punnet into a tray or food container for when things get messy!

2. Paint your bauble with Zinsser 123. This will provide the perfect base for the paint to stick to.

3. Choose 2-3 colours of water based eggshell or emulsion paint and water them down.

4. Pour your paints together in a cup and get ready for the fun bit!

5. Pour the contents of the cup over the bauble until you’re happy with how the marbling looks.

6. Allow to dry, add a co-ordinating ribbon and your beautiful new look bauble is ready to adorn the tree!

Getting Festive with Wallpaper Leftovers

You have spent ages selecting the perfect wallpaper for your space and now have lots of lovely leftovers – here are 3 easy and effective ways to use your wallpaper for the festive season!

1. Wrapping Paper.

Add some co-ordinating ribbon and your presents will look stunning under your tree - you can even re-use the paper!

2. Fan Decorations.

Fold your paper into a concertina, glue together in the middle with a glue gun (careful, they can get quite hot!), bend in half and glue again. Repeat the steps so you have two pieces you can glue together and voila!

3. Paperchains.

A great Christmas craft activity with the kids that will bring instant festive cheer to any space.

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