Airless spraying

June 11th, 2020

As the name suggests airless sprayers don’t use air to disperse the material. Instead, a motor drives a pump which compresses the material in a high pressure hose up to 3500psi. The material is then forced through the tip of the gun, atomising the material and forming the spray fan. 

The benefits are:

  • Ability to spray thicker material.
  • Material sprayed direct from can, no need to transfer and less thinning required.
  • Faster transfer of material.
  • Less overspray than conventional spray systems.
  • Superior finish and better coverage, even on textured surface.
  • The gun tip and pump size dictates what you can spray, so one unit is capable of spraying a multitude of products - all you need is the appropriate tip for the job.

It is suggested that airless spraying is 10 times faster than brush and roller. On an isolated flat surface this is true, but Brewers know every decorating job is different, each presenting their own obstacles. So, allowing for extra preparation, such as masking, airless spray is about 6 times faster than brush and roller.

There is extra preparation involved when spraying, the biggest part being masking. The amount of masking will vary dramatically, depending on the situation: a nice open new-build or warehouse will require a lot less masking than a lounge/diner with all the finest china on display. 

If you would normally spend an hour masking up a job, you would spend 2 hours masking ready for spraying, however once the masking is done and the machine set up, which takes under 10 minutes, you can spray a room approximately 50m2 in under 20 minutes using a cross hatch method, which applies the equivalent of 3 roller coats. 

Spraystore has a range of machines, which include entry level pumps and pumps that can spray plaster or run two guns simultaneously:

  • Spraystore EVO-DEC, a workhorse, which will comfortably spray finishes/stains/emulsions and the odd masonry job.
  • Spraystore EVO-CTR, on a trolley for easier transportation, capable of doing everything the EVO-DEC will do and larger amounts of masonry work.
  • Spraystore EVO H/D, again on a trolley for easier transportation but capable of spraying surface fillers, bituminous coatings, roofing products and running two guns when emulsioning.