Exterior FAQs by Albany

June 11th, 2020

We know you love using Albany but you may have some questions... Here's a list of our top frequently asked questions (Exterior). Is your question listed below?

I have rust stains bleeding through an outside painted wall and want to paint it. What should I do?

Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Spot prime the rust stained areas with Albany Metal Primer and allow to dry. Then apply two full coats of Albany Smooth Masonry paint.

How can I deal with mould on an external wall?

Firstly, repair any leaks and check for defective damp proofing. Treat affected areas with Albany Fungicidal Wash. Mixed to a ratio of normally, 4 parts water 1 part wash, (stronger mixes can be done if required) while applying aggravate with a stiff brush (not wire brush) then leave for 24 hours. Wash down to remove residues and allow to dry thoroughly - some stubborn growths may need a second treatment, again aggravate the surface with a brush. Any dark patches growing through a paint system may well have become trapped during previous work.

What can I do about powdery and chalky surfaces on external masonry?

Brick and masonry surfaces painted with cement-based paint will eventually corrode and become powdery or chalky. Even unpainted pebbledash or render can become powdery with age. In each case, ensure the surface is sound, clean and dry. Remove all loose material with a stiff brush or paint scraper. If powdery or chalky residues still remain, stabilise the surface with a coat of Albany Stabilising Solution. However, do not use a stabilising solution on new or sound rendering that has never been painted. A well-thinned first coat of the appropriate masonry paint is usually all that is required.

I want to paint a rusty metal garden gate?

You will need to prepare the metal back to a sound non rusty surface by using a wire brush or abrasive pads to remove the rust. Degrease and clean with hot soapy water and leave to dry. Apply one coat of Albany Metal Primer followed by a coat of Albany Undercoat then Albany Gloss in the colour you require. Drying time is important so make sure it is fully dry before re-painting with the next coat.

I need to re paint my house on the outside! What should I use?

It may be a good idea to get a professional decorator to give you a quote as external masonry walls often need slight repairs. If no repairs are required two coats of Albany Smooth Masonry paint is normally sufficient depending on the colour to protect your house for years. However sometimes you can get chalking on the existing paint film which needs to be treated before painting. Use Albany Stabilising Solution to remedy this. Wait for 16 hours until dry then apply masonry paint.

I want to change the colour of my front door

You will need to prepare it properly by using the appropriate grit sandpaper to take the sheen off the previous paint film. Prime any bare areas with Albany Wood Primer and when dry use Albany Undercoat and Albany Gloss in the preferred colour.

I have some weathered galvanized metal work to paint! What should I use?

Albany All Purpose Primer is suitable for use on weathered galvanised as it has excellent adhesion qualities with the benefits of good rust resistance. It can also be used on most other surfaces like soft and hardwoods, building boards and priming aged plaster.

I have some new ferrous metal I need to prime before it goes rusty, what shall I use?

Albany Red Oxide Primer is an economical metal primer for ferrous metals where you need to put a protective paint film on before you treat with finishing coats.

I want a clear gloss finish for my front door, what can I use?

Albany Yacht Varnish will provide a flexible high gloss clear finish to exterior timber and provide years of protection while allowing the natural beauty of the door to impress.

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