Interior FAQs by Albany

February 29th, 2024

We know you love using Albany but you may have some questions... Here's a list of our top frequently asked questions (Interior). Is your question listed below?

Can I get bespoke colour match from Albany?

Yes! Simply bring a sample of the colour (swatch sized larger than a 50p coin) you want to match into your nearest Brewers Decorator Centre. This could be wallpaper cuttings, curtain swatches, cushions, clothes or other household items to colour match. One customer even brought a horse!

Which coating should be used on new plaster?

A highly permeable matt finish is ideal for plaster that is dry on the surface but retaining moisture below it. Albany Supercover allows the surface to breathe, so any additional moisture will evaporate. If your plaster is fully dry in depth, Albany Supercover should first be used thinned down by 15-20% of water, followed by a thinned coat of finish paint with 10% water, finally a full coat of finish paint not thinned.

I need to protect the spindles and balustrade on my stairs but want it to remain clear

You would need to rub down the timber with a suitable grit sandpaper until smooth and clean and degrease using methylated spirits. When dry you can use Albany Polyurethane Varnish in either matt, eggshell or gloss depending on your preference. 2 to 3 coats will protect the timber from knocks and scuffs while enhancing the wood to that perfect look.

I need to re-paint the doors in my home and need to do it fast

Once the doors have been prepared using a suitable grit sandpaper you can use Albany Primer Undercoat followed by Albany Acrylic Gloss or Acrylic Eggshell as these dry the fastest with minimal disruption. If you did not wish to use acrylics we would recommend using Albany Non Drip Gloss for that solvent based high gloss look, as this does not require an undercoat.

I have a hardwood door I need to paint, what primer should I use?

For resinous softwoods and most hardwoods we recommend Albany Aluminium Primer as this adheres to the timber far better than other primers and will hold back resins that are naturally found in the timber.

I want to paint my front room, what shall I use?

You have a choice of different finishes to which ever you prefer. Albany Vinyl Matt is the most popular by far and is suitable for most rooms in the home, however if you wish to have a bit more sheen on your walls why not try Albany Vinyl Soft Sheen for that subtle sheen look or Vinyl Silk for a hard wearing shiny surface. You can also use Albany Durable Matt for that scrubbable matt finish where durability is essential.

Bubbles on the paint surface have appeared after using a foam roller on my wall. How can I correct this?

Foam rollers should not be used with water based paints. If you already have this problem there are two solutions. Line with lining paper and repaint with an Albany woven pile sleeve. Rub down smooth and repaint with an Albany woven pile sleeve.

What is the best way to deal with dampness in walls?

If walls are damp, the source of the dampness needs to be found, e.g. broken rainwater pipes or defective pointing in brickwork. Walls must be dry before attempting any decoration. Water stains can be sealed internally with Albany Primer Sealer once the problem has been rectified.

What can I do to correct a patchy, uneven appearance on a coating?

This is caused either by different levels of porosity in the substrate or by uneven application. Usually, two thinned coats will rectify the problem. Rub down with a suitable abrasive, dust off and repaint with your Albany Emulsion.

I need a quick job done and want to apply a primer and then a finish coat of white gloss to new pine skirting boards. Can you recommend anything?

Use two coats of Albany Acrylic Primer Undercoat and then apply one coat of Albany Non Drip Gloss. This system means painting can be completed within a day. (Drying times must be adhered to).

How do you deal with powdery internal surfaces?

Powdery and chalky surfaces are quite common in older properties that have been painted with distemper or white wash. You should try and remove as much of these coatings as possible by dry sanding with the appropriate sand paper and hovering the remnants up. Then rinse with clean water. Once the surface has been prepared properly you can use Albany Primer Sealer to seal the walls ready for painting.

I would like to re-paint the doors and skirting in my house

You should first rub down the painted areas with a suitable grit sandpaper, prime bare areas with two coats of Albany Acrylic Primer Undercoat followed by 1 or 2 coats depending on colour of either Albany Super Gloss or Albany Acrylic Eggshell.

I have mould on the bathroom ceiling! How can I fix this?

By using Albany Fungicidal wash mixed with four parts water to one part wash in a bucket. Wearing protective clothing and eye protection wash the ceiling down with a suitable sponge or cloth. Leave on the ceiling for up to 24 hours then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat if necessary. Once dry, paint the ceiling with either Albany Durable Matt or Albany Acrylic Eggshell as this will help with repeated washing if the mould spots came back in the future.

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