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July 13th, 2020

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Brewers How To: How to sign up online for a Brewers Card

Brewers How To: Get online access for your existing Brewers Account

Brewers How To: Accessing your Brewers Pay As You Go Account invoices online

Brewers How To: Painting a Front Door

Jamie and Chris take you through the key stages for preparing and painting your front door.

Brewers How To: Basic Exterior Decorating Preparation

Jamie and Chris from Brewers give you top tips preparation of your exterior decorating jobs.

Brewers How To: Preparing new plaster

Chris and Jamie walk you through the steps for preparing new, fresh plaster for painting.

Brewers How To: Preparing an Oil Based Surface to take Water Based Paint

Jamie and Chris cover the key things you should do when preparing a surface already treated with an oil based paint to be recoated with a water based system.

Brewers How To: Treating Mould

Jamie and Chris show you the best approach for dealing with and treating mould in areas such as bathrooms.

Product Spotlight: Brewers Contract Matt

Take a closer look at Brewers Contract Matt - a trade favourite!

Product Spotlight: Albany Super Satin, Super Gloss & Super Primer Undercoat

Delve in to the super range of Albany products - Super Satin, Super Gloss and Super Primer Undercoat.

Product Spotlight: Albany Wallpaper Pastes

Find out more about the comprehensive range of wallpaper pastes available from Albany at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.

Brewers Accounts

Find out more about a Brewers Credit Account or Pay As You Go Account.

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