Decorating a Bathroom

June 11th, 2020

With multiple surfaces to consider plus an environment that is constantly exposed to heat, moisture and high traffic, bathrooms can be tricky rooms to decorate.

We've put together the key things to consider before starting the next bathroom redecoration job.

Once you have considered the bathroom environment, it’s time to get decorating! For a comprehensive guide to the products available at Brewers Decorator Centres and to find out how to prepare the space, check out our Know How: Painting and Decorating your Bathroom

Georgina is also on hand with some helpful hints on how to decorate your bathroom, so head down to your local store today!

1. Wall preparation – make sure any surfaces are sealed before painting and be sure to use any relevant preparation products such as, fungicidal wash, mould killer and fillers.

2. Paint for walls and ceiling – paints need to be steam resistant, wipeable and contain mould inhibiters to keep walls looking fresh.

3. Wallcoverings – If you decide to use a wallcovering, vinyl wallcoverings are more likely to resist moisture penetrating the surface than normal papers, as well as providing a wipeable surface.

4. Spruce up old tiles – use mould killer and/or grout cleaner to prep for painting or to simply freshen it up. Grout pens are the perfect product for discoloured grout. If you are painting tiles, be sure to use a multi-surface primer and tile paint to achieve the perfect finish. If you do not use a multi-surface primer, the paint will be unable to adhere to the tile. Please note, painting tiles in the wet areas of your bathroom is not recommended. 

5. Do not forget the joints – use sealants around the edges of shower screens, tiles, basins and baths to ensure the areas are fixed and sealed. Be sure to use products with mould inhibitors.

6. Woodcare – a variety of water resistant woodcare products are available to choose from including varnishes, waxes and paints.