Get Ready for Uni with Paint

August 18th, 2023

How do you decorate a space for students? Moving out of the family home can be a really exciting but daunting prospect. Whether you’re moving into halls, private accommodation or with another family member, it’s really important the space feels personalised so you can start to settle into you new life as a student. Here are some key colours and ways you can use paint to get started.

Unleashing creativity:

If you’re going to uni to study something creative, feeling inspired by the place you live in is a great way to be more productive. If you live in accommodation that allows you to paint the walls, why not design a mural? If the space leaves you all wrapped up in your own artwork, you can retreat after a long day of lectures and get in the zone. If you can’t paint the walls, why not recreate the same effect and grab the biggest canvas you can find…you can attach this to the wall with damage free hanging strips and you will have exactly the same effect.

Personalising with paint:

If you love colour, you can introduce this in other ways in the room without needing to paint the walls. Think about painting décor such as pin boards, pen pots or drawers to add a personalised touch to your everyday objects. This is the first time you have been able to be fully independent so why not express that through colour!

You don’t have to worry about buying huge amounts of paint either. Sample pots are the perfect way to buy small quantities of colour. We also stock a wide range of craftier paints such as magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, neon paint and glitter paint which can all add interest to a space!

Personalising with wallpaper:

If pattern is more your thing, there is literally thousands of designs to choose from. Wallpaper is perfect for covering books, folders and notepads that will easily brighten up your notes! You could also frame free samples of wallpaper to add interest to your walls.

Choosing your colours:

We have put together a neutral colour scheme with pops of colour that is designed to encourage calm and collectiveness but it’s totally up to you what feeling you want to create in your space! Why not grab some sample pots and start customising today.

Taupe – A brownish, neutral grey

Dewdrop – The subtlest shade of lilac

Woolsack – A light purple

Fuchsia Bud – A pinkish red

Capricorn – A soft pink

Crumpet – A soft brown

Top tips for personalising a student space:

·       Introduce greenery through plants

·       Lamps and fairy lights can soften the space

·       Blankets will help the space feel cosier

·       Introduce photos and prints