Fresh Feature Walls Inspiration with Georgina Burnett

September 15th, 2021

When you hear the phrase ‘Feature Wall’ do you instantly picture one wall with a bold pattern or colour? Well with some creativity and inspiration a feature wall can be so much more.

Image courtesy of @naynaycearns
Image courtesy of @naynaycearns

For example, to zone a large room you can paint a circle using a pencil and string as your guide and add embellishments as you go. 

Creating any kind of curvy pattern on the wall is trending right now, so why not be bold and have fun!

If you’re really brave you can even try creating an ombre effect on the wall which not only has aesthetic appeal but can create an incredibly calming feel to the room.

Shelves, items hanging from hooks and asymmetrical picture frames can bring the feature wall forward, just be sure the room feels balanced.

Choosing the right wall in the room is also an important factor to consider as it needs to be a natural focal point with light working in its favour.

Image courtesy of @at_home_onthevale
Image courtesy of @at_home_onthevale

Colour Blocking:

A real on trend way to make a feature out of your wall is a technique called colour blocking. Using several different shapes, you can create a real stand out feature in your room. Experiment with how you want your piece to look by mapping it out in a sketchbook, you can then select some sample pots of the colours you wish to go for. Using complementary, harmonising, or contrasting colours can create a completely different feel to the technique, so it is worth experimenting with colours! Once you are happy with your design you can transfer this to your wall and enjoy!