Designing For Today: Going Bold With Albany Colours

June 3rd, 2024

With the digital world becoming more integral to everyday life, looking at how we can reflect this in our interiors has become a real trend in recent times. We have put together a scheme to show how technology and interiors can work together harmoniously to create a space inspired by the future.

Looking to the future is not a new concept in design. When emerging technologies were becoming fashionable in the 90s, people were also looking to pay homage to this in their homes with neon lights, showcasing the latest in gaming technology and paying homage to the rave scene, displaying music tastes proudly within the home. Looking to the past to create a scheme that works harmoniously with the future is a great way to get started.

Go Bold With Albany Paint:

Here are 6 colours you can use within your space to get the look. We have used a grey to create a neutral backdrop, allowing us to play with powerful pops of colour:

Glastonbury Sky: a cool grey

Psychedelic Twist: a punchy yellow

Fuchsia: an orange with strong pink undertones

Iced Cupcake: a daring pink

Riverbank: a bold green

Marvellous Purple: a cool purple

Dalmatian wallpaper also features black painterly spots against a plain background, providing the perfect contrast to the cold colour palette.

Zoning spaces:

In interior design, zoning is the strategic division of a space into various functional areas. By planning the layout of a space carefully, zoning creates a more efficient and harmonious usage of the area. Crucial principles to keep in mind include considering the purpose and function of each area, the traffic flow, and visual aspects like colour, textures, and furniture placement. 

In our two spaces, we have zoned a corner and the middle of a wall to show you how two spaces can be zoned differently to create a workspace. In our first space, we have used bright colours to create a real feature of the corner, clearly defining the space against the rest of the room. In our second space, we have used a single strip of wallpaper and continued this onto the desk to clearly define the workspace. This shows how you can create an office at home without the need to dedicate a whole room to work.

The technological aesthetic meets minimalism:

When it comes to interior design, the fusion of technology and minimalist styles has gained immense popularity. This combination creates a harmonious and sleek aesthetic that is both visually appealing and functional. Modern tech elements, such as smart home technology and innovative materials, seamlessly integrate into minimalist spaces. However, if you would like to incorporate a few key accessories into your space to pull the scheme together, consider house plants, abstract artwork or personalised pieces. We have used LED strip lighting, picture shelves and acrylic boxes to add the perfect finishing touches to the space.

Is this trend something you want to create in your home? Grab some sample pots and start creating today at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.