Healthier Paint, Healthier Decorating

March 7th, 2023

Finding ways to live a healthier life is important to all of us, but have you ever thought about how to make healthier paint choices?

Photo courtesy of Earthborn. Colour, Freckle.

Brewers stock a wide range of brands that have taken this into consideration. With low VOCs and a careful curation of ingredients, certain finishes can improve air quality and meet toy safety standards, which is perfect for healthier decorating for the whole family.

Photos courtesy of Little Greene. Colours, Attic II, Sky Blue and Citrine.

Why choose low VOC paint?

VOCs stand for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals mainly found in solvent based paints and coatings to help increase flow, application and drying time. 

Photo courtesy of Mylands. Colour, Primrose Hill.

Once applied, the VOCs evaporate, and this can affect air quality. Many water-based formulations on the market are now low on VOC and along with advancements in technology, it means 

that these paints can perform to the highest standards. Using these paints are a healthier choice and are much better for the environment. If you or your client are sensitive to air quality, it is important to be aware of VOC content before you decide which paint is best for your project.

Photo courtesy of Mylands. Colour Bedford Square.

‘Toy Safe’ paint

If you or your client has little ones, make sure a finish is ‘Toy Safe’. You will want to use a durable paint, but you might also wish it to be certified under Toy Safety Standard EN71:3 (2019) which is about the prevention of migration of certain elements. For peace of mind, it’s recommended that furniture paint used on cots, beds or toys meets this standard.

Photos courtesy of Farrow & Ball. Colours, Pavilion Blue and Folly Green (available in the F&B Archive Collection).

Find the perfect finish for your next project that is toy safe, minimal VOC or both at your local Brewers.