HVLP spraying

February 11th, 2016

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. HVLP and differs from airless spray as it uses air to disperse the material instead of a motor and piston, and uses a turbine to produce a constant flow of air rather than a compressor to fill a tank of reserved air. 

The constant flow of air allows for a more even/constant atomisation of the product and because the pressures involved are so low (around 10 PSI) the amount of overspray/mist is dramatically reduced with transfer rates of between 90-95 % achievable. 

Turbines are rated in stages, from 1 to a maximum of 5, the minimum Brewers and Spraystore would recommend for decorators to achieve a professional finish is a 3 stage turbine. The higher the stage the higher the air flow rate, aiding the atomisation of the paint, less product preparation with the ability to apply thicker materials and makes the unit run quieter. 

The gun has the ability to be adjusted to alter the fan width and the amount of product being delivered so you can go from around an 8 inch fan for larger areas down to a strip about the width of a 5 pence piece for edges and details. 

HVLP offers up to 60% time saving over traditional brush and roller.

The benefits are:

  • Faster application than conventional brush and roller techniques.
  • Superior finish.
  • Reduced overspray/mist.
  • Ability to adapt your spray pattern using the controls on the gun.
  • The gun can be emptied and cleaned in approx 5 minutes.
  • Ability to spray a multitude of products.

Spraystore and Brewers Decorator Centres have the latest in spray paint technology.

HVLP offers up to 60% time saving over traditional brush and roller, offering the ultimate level of control and helps produce a superior flawless finish. 

There is going to be some masking preparation involved but due to the control available from the gun and the dramatically reduced overspray, masking really can be kept to a minimum. 

A decorator with a HVLP unit can spray a door in under 2 minutes, achieving the highest level of finish. Detailed cornice or staircase spindles are coated effortlessly without the need to stipple in and lay off. With the ability to apply a wide range of materials from stains to primers, lacquers to eggshell, even latex and epoxies. 

A HVLP unit offers one of the cheapest ways for a decorator to get into spraying, yet allows them the flexibility and control to apply a wide range of materials, whilst achieving a superior, flawless finish.

Spraystore has a range of HVLP machines available: 
  • Spraystore EVO-Finish STD, our entry level 3 stage turbine with standard gun.
  • Spraystore EVO-Finish pro, our entry level 3 stage turbine with pro-gun.
  • Wagner FC9900, a top spec 5 stage turbine with pro-gun.

Spraystore also offer the full range of units and accessories from the two major brands in the market, Wagner and Graco.

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