Masonry Solutions

March 9th, 2021

Brewers has over 115 years’ experience of British weather and can offer the broadest range of solutions to common, and not so common, masonry problems. 

Here are just three typical examples of how we can help you get the very best results.


Small cracks in render can let in moisture which then freezes and expands, resulting in larger cracks and potentially costly and unsightly repairs. 

To combat small cracks in render, we recommends a flexible masonry coating such as Bedec Extra-Flex Masonry paint which allows for movement. 

Bedec Extra-Flex Masonry Paint

• Highly flexible matt coating.

• Water based & quick drying.

• Available in 20 colours.


Friable, dusty render can seriously undermine any top coat, causing a loss of adhesion and ultimately failure. 

We recommends first using a coating such as Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution to stabilise the surface before painting.

Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution

• Available in solvent based or quick drying water based formulations.


Algae and lichen give an unsightly appearance to render which over painting alone will not cure. 

We recommends an anti-fungal product such as Albany Fungicidal Wash to prevent and eradicate the growth of algae and lichen from most masonry surfaces. 

Albany Fungicidal Wash

• Multi-surface concentrated formula.

• Interior and exterior use.

1 & 5 litre sizes.

The full range of masonry products can be found here. If you need further advice, see our problem solver. For the latest in decorating solutions, join Brewers on Facebook or Instagram @brewerspaints.