Painting And Decorating Bathrooms - How To Get A Professional Result

April 4th, 2024

Painting and decorating bathrooms can be a tricky task. Water, steam, heat and cleaning products can be tough on the decoration so professional products are often needed to ensure the best possible finish. So how can you decorate a bathroom? We have put together this quick guide on how to decorate your bathroom using products specially formulated for bathrooms.

Considerations before you start:

Is the room well ventilated and are there windows? 

This will influence the condensation build up within the room.

Are you decorating near or in the shower? 

If so, choose an appropriate waterproof coating.

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Colours Gauze 106 and Basalt 221.

1. Cover all and protect flooring

Decorating a bathroom or wet room will usually mean fittings, fixtures and tiling will already be installed so need to be worked around. 

Help avoid paint splatters by covering fixtures and fittings (including the bath!), Easy Cover from Tesa is particularly suited to covering large areas and provides the ideal protective barrier against any painting mishaps.

Dust sheets such as the ranges from ProDec and RoDo will protect the floor from any paint spillages.

2. Preparation

Preparation is key to ensuring a long lasting finish. Taking time to get the best foundation before painting or wallpapering will help illuminate issues which may arise after decorating such as damp or cracks and chips in the substrate.

Brewers Easy Finish Filler is a fantastic product to fill cracks and chips in the surface to help provide a strong foundation for painting or wallpapering.

This super fine filler is also tough and durable, drying hard with minimal shrinkage. It’s fast setting too, enabling you to start sanding earlier, giving you more time on the all important decorative finishing.

3. Getting Rid of Mould in your Bathroom

Damp air can settle on walls and if the humidity remains high can lead to mould growth. 

If the surface already has traces of mould, then products such as Albany Fungicidal Wash help clear away existing mould and give a clean surface to help limit the chance of mould growing back after decoration. 

To add extra mould enhancing properties to paint you wish to use, add Owatrol VC175 Mould Killer to the paint.

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4. Cleaning

It is crucial walls are cleaned prior to decorating in bathrooms as there may be soap residue left on the walls. Use Tetrion Ready to Use Sugar Soap to provide an excellent key for a new coat of paint. 

5. Priming

Priming the surface before decorating can be particularly important in a bathroom environment. 

An extra layer of protection can make a big difference to the finish and can influence how resilient the final paint or wallpaper layer will be to not only the elements but also the substrate. 

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Product Dulux Trade Blue Diamond.

6. Paints for Bathrooms

Zinsser Perma-White is a 2-in-1 washable anti-mould primer and finish for interior walls and woodwork. Designed to prevent the growth of mould and mildew for up to 5 years when applied as part of a 2-coat system.

Coo Var Anti-Condensation Paint is a white paint which contains a fungicide to inhibit growth of mould and prevent the formation of condensation. It is suitable for interior use in areas prone to airborne moisture such as bathrooms, wet rooms, showers, changing rooms and kitchens. It can be used as a topcoat, or over coated with emulsion.

Dulux Trade Mouldshield Matt is a high opacity, low-odour, washable mould inhibiting finish for interior walls and ceilings. It contains a fungicide within the film coating to prevent the growth of fungi and mould.

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa is a water based, premium quality interior coating which is specifically formulated for excellent performance in high humidity environments. Aura Bath & Spa has the added benefits of colour lock technology and mildew resistance resulting in remarkable durability and exceptional colour.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.
Colour Black Satin.

Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion is a durable and versatile matt finish, which is washable and mould resistant, making it especially suited to bathrooms and kitchens as well as busy areas. It demonstrates excellent scrub and stain resistance, earning a Class 1 scrub rating.

Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell is a durable, low-sheen finish for use on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. It is suitable for use on walls, ceilings, woodwork and radiators in kitchens, bathrooms, and high traffic areas.

Photo courtesy of Little Greene.
Colour Travertine 273.

7. Wallpapering Bathrooms

Wallpaper can be a tricky one to get right in a bathroom but can really make the space come alive! If humidity penetrates the wallpaper, adhesion strength is reduced, and it can come away from the wall. 

An option to consider would be vinyl wallcoverings as they consist of a backing layer, usually made of paper or fibre which has the printed pattern, and a plastic covering layer which offers wipeable protection. 

You could also use Polyvine Decorators Varnish over the top of wallpaper for an added layer of protection.

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Products Farrow & Ball Drop Cloth 283 and
Morris Pure Honeysuckle in Grey Blue Wallpaper

Please note: if you use wallpaper in the bathroom the warranty and guarantee of the paper may be void as not using it for the intended environment/purpose.

8. Bathroom Tile Paint

If you want to go all out, Bedec Multi Surface Paint is a great way to instantly update existing tiles in your bathroom.

 Available in a range of colours, choose the perfect hue to match your new scheme and see your bathroom transformed at a fraction of the price!

For more advice, head into your local Brewers or call one of our Specialist Product Advisors on 01323 576555.