Crown Trade
Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Coating Mid Grey 5L

Durable, resistant to abrasion and scuffing, low glare satin finish for interior use on floors
Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Coating Mid Grey

In detail

Crown Trade Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Coating is a high VOC content mid sheen finish. It is a washable product that is applied by brush. It is suitable for interior use. Touch dry in 4 hours and recoatable after 16-24 hours.

Application Methods
Brush, Roller
Up to 15sq/m per litre 
VOC level
Not Recommended 
Touch dry
1-4 hours 
12-24 hours 
Mid Grey 
Colour type
Ready Mixed 
Brush cleaner or White spirit 

Additional information

Crown Trade Epimac Anti Slip Floor Coating is an Epoxy Ester based floor coating which produces a satin finish which is resistant to abrasion and spillages of most dilute chemical solutions. Recommended for interior use on dry and correctly prepared coated and uncoated concrete, stone, metal and wood floor surfaces. Not recommended for areas subjected to standing water or smooth power floated concrete without pre-etching / blasting.


Ensure all surfaces are sound, dry, clean, and free from dirt, oil, grease, wax, polish or other contamination. Remove all loose or flaking material back to a firm sound edge. An effective damp proof membrane must be present beneath concrete and masonry floors. New concrete must be left at least six months to dry out in depth before painting.

On bare concrete remove surface latence using a proprietary cement cleaner to manufacturer's instructions. Thoroughly abrade previously painted surfaces, wash with a warm detergent solution, rinse with clean water to remove all residues and allow to dry. Avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding.


  • Stir well before use.
  • Please check for colour accuracy prior to application.
  • Always intermix packs for colour consistency. Apply by brush or roller (short — medium pile only).
  • Do not apply thickly.
  • Do not apply to ASPHALT or BITUMEN based surfaces.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 8°C or in high humidity.
  • Do not use industrial cleaners or polish on the coated floor within seven days of application.