Textured Finish Ready Mixed 10L

A textured finishing coat where patterns are required on walls and ceilings. Ready to use.
Textured Finish Ready Mixed

In detail

Artex Textured Finish Ready Mixed is a textured finish for producing patterns on interior walls and ceilings. Ready to use.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

Remove wallpaper and paste, and ensure all surfaces are sound, clean, non-dusting, free from grease and dry. Lightly sand gloss surfaces, wash the surface and allow to dry. Fill hairline cracks with Textured Finish. For large cracks and plasterboard jointing use a thick mix of Artex Textured Finish applied in conjunction with Artex Joint Tape. Allow to dry.

Seal porous surfaces (such as new plaster, plasterboard and surfaces stripped of wallpaper and paste) and areas prepared with Artex Textured Finish, with Artex Sealer and allow to dry.


Stir well before use. If more than one tub of Textured Finish is required combine the contents of the tubs in a large, clean container and stir well to an even consistency. Before application, practice texturing on a board until you achieve the desired effect. Using an Artex Laying-on Brush or a wide paintbrush, apply a generous, even coat of Textured Finish in 1 x 0.5 metre bands across the narrow ceiling width or down the wall. Pattern this band as you work, continue in this way across the entire surface, working quickly and carefully to blend in successive bands while the material is still wet. Finish by forming a narrow margin (13-25mm) around the wall/ceiling edge using a small paint brush. Clean splashes as you go using water.


To ensure best results, adequate ventilation must be provided to dry out the finished work. Drying time is normally 12-24 hours. If painting, leave for a further seven days in well ventilated conditions and paint with a good quality emulsion paint, following the paint manufacturers instructions for porous surfaces. The room temperature must remain above 5°C during application and until the material is completely dry. Textured Finish must not be applied over ceiling heating systems or on surfaces where the temperature is likely to reach 40°C.