CG23 Chlorinated Rubber Gloss 5L

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Protective finish suitable resistant to chemicals, oil and water.
CG23 Chlorinated Rubber Gloss

In detail

Bradite CG23 Chlorinated Rubber Gloss is a high build gloss chlorinated rubber based finish that is highly resistant to chemicals and oils.

This Chlorinated Rubber Gloss gives good weathering properties when used as the finish coat in a protective paint system, is resistant to fungal growth. and can be used at low temperatures (0°C), water immersion – swimming pools etc. (Not suitable for drinking water or fish ponds.)

Touch dry in 30-60 minutes and recoatable after 12-24 hours.

Application Methods
Airless Spray, Brush, HVLP Spray, Roller
Up to 12sq/m per litre 
Bradite Thinner TC32 
Touch dry
30-60 minutes 
12-24 hours 
Bradite Thinner TC32 

Additional information

Surface Preparation

When painting new concrete it is vital to ensure the substrate is fully cured and free of laitance. Power floated, shiny  or unpainted non porous concrete should be thoroughly vacuum blast cleaned to a roughness profile of 30-50 microns, or acid etched using Bradite TA37.

High pressure water cleaning to remove all loose and flaking paint and contamination back to a sound substrate. For best performance, complete vacuum blast cleaning of the substrate is recommended. Bradite TD39 industrial strength detergent washing and rinsing should be used with scrubbing to remove grease or oil.

Intact areas of existing coatings should be roughened by abrasive manual or disc rubbing and feathered back to a sound coating edge. Cracks and pits should be filled using a suitable screed or mortar before painting.

Galvanised steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metal substrates should be roughened by mechanical abrading or sweep blasting with inert grit. Steel should be blast cleaned to SIS-Sa 2 1/2 minimum, blast profile 35-50 microns and surface free of soluble salts, or de-rusted manually or mechanically to SIS-St 3 minimum.


  • Brush and Roller - Thin with 0-5% Bradite Thinner TC32 as required. Short Pile mohair sleeve preferred for best application.
  • Conventional Air Spraying - Thin with 5-15% Bradite Thinner TC32 as required, tip size - 2.0mm, tip pressure 60 psi (0.4MPa) approximately.
  • Airless Spraying - Thin with 0-10% Bradite Thinner TC32 as required, tip size - 13 thou (0.33mm) approximately, tip pressure - 2100 psi (15MPa) approximately.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment immediately after use with Bradite Thinner TC32.