PW74 Rapid Drying Floor Paint Cardinal Red (Ready Mixed) 5L

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A single pack polyurethane coating and finish for internal use on concrete, wood or steel floors.
PW74 Rapid Drying Floor Paint Cardinal Red (Ready Mixed)

In detail

A single pack polyurethane coating and finish for internal use on concrete, wood or steel floors. Tough, quick drying, hard wearing and flexible film for light to medium traffic areas. 

Excellent water resistance and good chemical resistance. Cures at low temperatures and can be used with a low slip additive.

Main benefits:
  • Tough, hard-wearing flexible film.
  • Quick drying.
  • Can be used clear as a floor sealer (when thinned 50%)
  • Suitable for forklift traffic after 48 hours. Recoat in 8 hours and cures as low as -5°C.

Application Methods
Brush, Roller
Up to 10sq/m per litre 
Bradite TP33 
Touch dry
1-4 hours 
8-12 hours 
Suitable for...
Interior use 
Cardinal Red 
Colour type
Ready Mixed 
Bradite TP33 

* Colours on screen may vary from actual paint

Additional information

Bradite paints and coatings meet the highest quality and performance standards in the most demanding environments. To obtain satisfactory results you should ensure you know the best way to use the product. Free advice is available upon request from Bradite Paints and its distributors. General advice given below does not constitute a specification.


Ensure that the new concrete or screeded surfaces have fully dried out. This can be tested by taping a piece of polythene or laying a rubber mat onto the surface, leaving it overnight and seeing if it has 'sweated' by the following morning. If it is noticeably darker under the polythene or rubber mat, then the floor is still drying out and must not be painted. Ensure that the substrate is thoroughly clean. Degrease using Bradite TD39 Industrial Degreaser then wash with fresh water and allow to dry.

New and hard, smooth power floated floors should be etched using Bradite TA37 Pre-Treatment for Concrete then washed with fresh water and allowed to dry. This procedure may need to be repeated until all laitance (loose cementicious material) has been removed and the surface has a rough, grainy profile. To test that new and old concrete or screed floors are suitably prepared for painting, water dropped on the floor should soak in to give a dark patch, not droplets on the surface. For larger areas Vacuum Blast Cleaning or Scarifying may be more appropriate methods of surface preparation. Wooden floors should be sanded smooth. Existing coatings (if in evidence) must be clean, sound, well adhered, well feathered and well abraded. All surfaces must be dry and dust free before coating.


  • By brush or roller, on concrete and wooden floors
  • Thin the first coat of Bradite Rapid PW74 Floor Paint 25% with Bradite TP33. The purpose of thinning the first coat is to allow it to penetrate the prepared porous substrate and promote adhesion.
  • Apply one or two further full coats as required. (Two further coats would usually be recommended on bare concrete or wood).
  • Bradite Rapid PW74 Floor Paint will be touch dry in 2 hours at 20°C, but a minimum of 8 hours should be allowed before over coating. Maximum recoat 16 hours, after which floor should be abraded.
  • The finished floor can be subjected to light traffic after 24 hours, Heavy traffic after 48 hours.
  • The theoretical (maximum) spreading rate is 10 square metres per litre per coat. Loss factors will apply in practice.
  • Tools should be cleaned with Bradite TP33 Thinner after use.
  • The end user and applicator must ensure that the finished floor is safe against slips in all likely usage conditions.