Heat Resistant Paint Black 2.5L

Quick drying, matt finish for interior and exterior use. Ideal for barbecues and grates.
Heat Resistant Paint Black

In detail

A quick drying, matt finish for interior and exterior use. This paint can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees centigrade and is ideal for use on barbecues, chimineas, grates and radiators.

Application Methods

* Colours on screen may vary from actual paint

Additional information

Surface Preparation

Not for use on wood burning stoves or objects which come into direct contact with flames. Ensure the surface to be coated is clean, dry, sound and free from wax, grease or any other contamination.

Previously painted surfaces in sound condition should be abraded and degreased prior to direct application. Remove any rust and abrade back to a clean bright surface before applying. New or bare surfaces should first be heated up in use, allowed to cool and then abraded before application.

Works best and lasts longer if not over applied, apply 2 coats as thinly as possible.


  • Stir thoroughly prior to use with a broad stirrer.
  • The product may be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Two coats are recommended to give the best protection.
  • Thinning - Do no thin.

Clean Up

Remove as much product as possible from the application equipment before washing with water.

Do not empty into drains or water courses. Some local authorities have special facilities for the disposal of waste coatings.