One Coat Tile Paint Brilliant White 750ML

Covers in one coat, mould resistant, waterproof, ideal for kitchen and bathrooms.
One Coat Tile Paint Brilliant White

In detail

Update your tiles with this One Coat Tile Paint. 

Waterproof and mould resistant when dry so perfect for kitchens and bathrooms in just one coat.

Application Methods
Up to 10sq/m per litre 
Brilliant White 

* Colours on screen may vary from actual paint

Additional information

Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease, detergent, dust and other surface contaminants.

Clean tiled areas thoroughly with a household cleaner containing bleach, rinse thoroughly and wipe down. Avoid using paper towels or cloths which leave fibres.

It is advisable to clean grouting with a scrubbing brush or nail brush, particularly if black mould is present. Damaged grouting should be repaired. Allow grouting to dry thoroughly before treating.


  • Stir well prior to and during use.
  • Do not thin.
  • Apply with a good quality natural bristle brush.
  • Work well into grouting lines to ensure good coverage, but avoid a build up of product as this may lead to runs.
  • Finish in the same vertical direction on each tile.
  • A second coat may be required where a major colour change is involved or where tiles are heavily patterned.

Clean Up

All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use in white spirit or brush cleaner. Remove as much product as possible from tools and equipment before washing.