Rust-Oleum Industrial
Floorcoat PU Gloss Steel Grey 5L

Polyurethane addition which then makes it extra durable.
Floorcoat PU Gloss Steel Grey

In detail

Rust-Oleum Floorcoat PU has a polyurethane addition which then makes it extra durable, this product also has excellent flow when being used. 

Can be used on many surfaces which includes: woods, concrete and masonry. Easy to apply single pack coating, which can be ideal for line marking.

Application Methods
Airless Spray, Brush, Roller
Up to 9sq/m per litre 
Touch dry
4-8 hours 
24 hours 
Steel Grey 

* Colours on screen may vary from actual paint

Additional information

Surface Preparation

Remove oil, grease and other contaminants with Rustoleum ND14 Cleaner/Degreaser or high pressure (steam) cleaning in combination with appropriate detergents. Sand old intact coatings to roughen the surface in order to establish a good adhesion. Check the compatibility with old intact coatings. During application the surface should be dry and clean.

On porous concrete a first coat should be applied with 7200 diluted with ± 5% Thinner 633. Ensure concrete is at least 28 days old and moisture content lower than 6%. Remove curing compounds by means of dust free blasting or acid etching with Rust-Oleum SE108.


  • Apply in a dry and well ventilated area.
  • Application by brush: Dilute sparingly, if required, with 5% volume Thinner 633.
  • Application by roller: Dilute sparingly, if required, with 5% volume Thinner 633. In case of roller application it can be necessary to apply 2 coats in order to obtain the recommended film thickness.
  • Application by spray: Thin with max. 10% volume Thinner 641. Gravity cup and pressure cup. Tip size: 1.0 -1.5 mm. Atomising pressure: 2 – 4 bar.