Dryrod Pack Of 10 180mm

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Pack of 10 rods for rising damp treatment. No fuss, no mess and no stress.
Dryrod Pack Of 10

In detail

Safeguard Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods are 12mm diameter, 180mm length, fibre rods that contain a powerful water repellent. Quick installation speed and a high level of performance making it the next generation treatment for rising damp.

Ingredients contained within the rod spreads and bonds with the mortar, making it a permanent solution for rising damp. Simple to install by drilling holes in a continuous mortar course and then inserting the required number of rods.


Additional information

How to install Dryrod

A row of holes should be drilled at 120mm intervals along the mortar course.

Drill holes the full 210mm depth ensuring you reduce drilling pressure once you are approximately 165mm into the wall. Reducing pressure creates a cleaner hole and prevents damage to the far side of the wall.

Where mortar is full saturated:

Re-drill the holes twice to remove any excess debris.

If excess debris continues to obstruct full rod insertion then the Dryzone System Hole Clearling Tool can be used to make sure the hole is completely clear.

Dryrod Insertion

Wearing suitable gloves remove the rods one by one from the packet, inserting a single rod into each hole. Ensure each rod is recessed approximately 5mm from the brick face without forcing the rod into the hole.

N.B. when installing internally, performance will not be affected if the rods protude where mortar has been eroded. Holes and protruding rods will be covered during redecoration.

Please see product images or data sheets for more information.