Concrete Repair Mortar 5KG

Quick hardening repair mortar, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Concrete Repair Mortar

In detail

A two-pack quick hardening repair mortar, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for roads, ramps, car parks, driveways, pavements, loading bays and warehouse floors. 

Can be used to fill large voids and holes and smaller cracks. Resistant to common chemical spillages.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface to be painted is sound, clean, dry and free from grease or any substance liable to give adhesion problems. Wire brushing or sweeping is generally sufficient.

A primer is generally not needed if patch or crack repairing but if Concrete Repair Mortar is to be applied in thin sections or to smooth or non porous surfaces use Blackfriar Professional Oil Tolerant Primer.


  • The base and activator components each contain resin damped aggregates. Discharge the entire contents of each component into a mixing board, then mix together using a trowel until a uniform colour is produced.
  • Using a trowel ir a plasters float apply the product firmly against the prepared surface.
  • To prevent drag on the trowel and to produce a smooth finish, lightly wipe the tool with a rag moistened in white spirits.
  • Normally applied to a thickness of 5 to 50mm on horizontal surfaces (up to 10mm on vertical) and can be feather edged to produce a neat finish as long as the main repair is at least 5mm thick.
  • For repairs deeper than 50mm apply multiple layers allowing 6-8 hours at 20°C between layers.

Clean Up

Remove as much product from the application equipment as possible before cleaning with white spirits before mortar cures.

Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Some local authorities have special facilities for the disposal of waste coatings.