Patina Surface Treatment 320G

Thixotropic gel based treatment for interior timber surfaces, easy to apply, durable and hardwearing.
Patina Surface Treatment

In detail

Langlow Patina is a gel treatment for interior timber surfaces such as doors, trim, joinery and furniture.Can be built up to vary the sheen level from matt to satin depending on the number of coats applied and dries to a clear finish.

The thixotropic, non-drip formula makes it easy to apply. Application is by sponge or cloth with each 320g container covering up to 15sq/m depending on the surface it is applied to.

Up to 15sq/m per litre 
Suitable for...
Interior Use 

Additional information

Surface Preparation

Ensure all wooden structures to be treated are sound, clean and free of any worn, damaged or flaking previously applied coatings. Timbers effected by contact with moisture should be thoroughly dried out and pre-treated with a clean universal wood preservative to protect against any wood destroying fungi or insects.

To provide a consistent finish, the surface may need a light sanding with a fine mesh paper, to lift out any grime or dirt held within the grain structure. Generally on old worn timbers, previously applied coatings will show some signs of damage and will therefore need taking back to bare timber using, either an appropriately selected fine sand paper, paint/varnish remover or Langlow Old Wood Reviver to remove the defective original coating and reveal a consistent base on which to apply.


  • Apply directly using a clean, dry cloth to dab and rub the gel firmly into all areas of the timber structure.
  • Avoid over-spreading by wiping any surplus material and spreading the product as a thin, even and consistent layer in all areas.