Wood Dye Satin Antique Pine 2.5L

Quick drying, easy to apply, for interior and exterior use. Ideal for floors.
Wood Dye Satin Antique Pine

In detail

Can be used on bare wood prior to finishing. 

This quick drying stain will not raise the grain and can be used on stripped or bare wood. 

Suitable for both interior and exterior use and it is ideal for floors. 

Application Methods
Brush, Cloth
Over 20sq/m per litre 
VOC level
Not Recommended 
Touch dry
1-4 hours 
1-4 hours 
Antique Pine 
Brush cleaner or White spirit 

Available colours

Rustins Wood Dye Satin Antique Pine is available in 11 colours from the Rustins Colour Cards.

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    Always ask your client to try their colour choice on the wall first. Colour cards and emulsion sample pots are available at your local Brewers or at

    Additional information

    Quick drying penetrating stain for all new or stripped wood. Easy to apply and will not raise the grain. For use on bare wood prior to finishing with any of Rustins' wood finishes. Suitable for interior and exterior use.


    The surface must be clean, smooth, dry and dust free. Any existing coating must be removed before the application, preferably with a paint remover such as Rustins Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper. The best method is to sand the area, but if it has been waxed at any time, it is essential that the wax and any other contamination is removed using Rustins Grade 3 Steel Wool and white spirit. Wipe off the solution of wax formed with a clean rag and allow to dry before sanding.

    If the wax is not removed, sanding may force the wax further into the wood causing adhesion and drying problems. Any imperfections in the wood can be filled with Rustins Professional Woodfiller.

    If purchasing more than one container to dye a large area, mix the contents together in a larger container before use to ensure that there is no variation in shade. It is advisable to test for compatibility on a small area before proceeding. The dye can only be used on bare wood.


    • Stir well before and during use until there is no sediment on the bottom of the tin.
    • Apply evenly with a clean dry cloth in a warm dry atmosphere.
    • On soft absorbent wood a second coat may be applied.
    • Hard woods should only be given one coat.
    • If more are applied the extra coats may not penetrate and will rub off.
    • Where a lighter shade is required, the dye may be diluted with white spirit.
    • Dilution must not exceed 2 parts dye to 1 part white spirit.
    • All colours can be intermixed to make other shades.