Raw Linseed Oil Matt 5L

A slow drying oil to aid penetration in oak and other timbers. Nourishes and protects.
Raw Linseed Oil Matt

In detail

Langlow Raw Linseed Oil is a natural linoleic oil wood treatment suitable for use on all types of soft and hardwood timber structures and garden furniture and leisure equipment such as willow cricket bats, hard and softwood patio chairs, tables, window boxes and trellis work, leaving a matt appearance raising the grain profile, whilst also protecting against the damaging effect of weathering and prolonger outdoor exposure.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

Ensure all timbers are structurally sound, dry and free from surface contamination. To get the full benefit of this treatment, timbers previously treated with polish, varnish or a surface sealer should be weathered and stripped back to bare wood before applying with this product.


  • Can be applied by brush, chamois leather or smooth sponge block.
  • Work an even coating action over all areas of the timber to achieve a regular consistent finish.
  • One coat of Raw Linseed Oil evenly applied will take up to 24 hours to dry in well ventilated conditions.