HVLP 9.0 Turboforce 110V

A "make it easy" HVLP sprayer for use by everyone
HVLP 9.0 Turboforce 110V

In detail

Graco’s latest generation of HVLP sprayers was developed with only 1 objective in mind: MAKE IT EASY. HVLP spraying possible for everyone, the full professional, as well as the first time user. “Plug & Spray” we call it. Unpack your unit, fill your material cup, plug the unit and spray! To make it that EASY, we needed breakthrough solutions! The HVLP TurboForce sprayers have all the answers.
Professional advantages

Portable turbine as there is always a fine finish job to do. Outstanding finish quality and excellent spraying control
TurboForce™ power to seriously reduce material preparation time and cost
TurboForce™ technology. Save on your electricity bill! Most efficient conversion rate from electrical power to air flow thanks to TurboForce™ technology. Automatic EDGE™ gun that adjusts all the controls by itself and for the way you want to spray

Maximum working pressure (psi)
Material and solvent capacity
Solvent and water based 
Maximum hose length
4 Stage 
Man. Part No.