Pro 3 Adhesive Sealant Black 290ML

Highly flexible 3 in 1 adhesive, sealant and filler. Bonds to most surfaces. Over paintable once cured.
Pro 3 Adhesive Sealant Black

In detail

Hippo Pro 3 is a solvent-free 3 in 1 adhesive, sealant and filler. It has excellent adhesion on almost any surface and is designed for professional use where it can replace multiple products in one application. 

Bonds wood, metal, glass, ceramic tiles, natural stone, concrete, brick, plasterboard, plastics, fibreglass and even carbon fibre. It is highly flexible and once cured, will accept all types of paint.


Additional information

A hybrid polymer 3 in 1 solution designed for trade professionals. It replaces multiple products with just one tube to deliver amazing all round performance.

  • Sticks virtually anything to anything
  • Odourless - Contains no VOC's
  • Accepts all paints
  • Vibration resistant
  • Does not shrink
  • Permanently flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Temperature resistant To -40° Or +100° Celsius
  • Weather resistant
  • Prevents fungal growth
  • Can be used in salt water
  • Works with carbon fibre
  • Produced Under Iso 9001

After use clean excess from the nozzle tip and replace the end cap. Store at room temperature to extend the products life. Protect from frost.