Gripfill Solvent Free 350ML

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A high performance, multi-purpose, solvent-free gap filling adhesive
Gripfill Solvent Free

In detail

A high performance, multi-purpose, solvent-free gap filling adhesive. Creates a high bond between two materials. 

Specifically for interior use and is ideal for all general DIY, decorating and building applications. Dries white and can be sanded or over painted. 

Suitable for wood, plasterboard, MDF, ceramics, glass, metal, cork, laminate, brick, concrete and most plastics. However, one surface, at least, must be porous. Ideal when fixing covings, architraves, skirting boards, picture/dado rails, wooden window frames, carpet grippers and worktops.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose material. Very porous material such as plaster and fibre cement board must be primed with a suitable PVA primer such as Evo Bond PVA diluted 1:5 with water allowing it to dry prior to application of Gripfill Solvent Free.


  • Cut off the plastic tube end just above the thread, remove the nozzle from the bag provided and screw into place. Cut the nozzle at an angle to provide the size of the bead required. Fit into a cartridge gun and squeeze the trigger to apply.
  • For long items such as dado rails or skirting boards apply a continuous bead in a zig-zag along the length of the item to be fixed. For larger surface areas such as work-tops, apply a continuous bead around the perimeter approximately 1cm from the side, and at 30cm intervals across the panel. Position the materials to be bonded and press firmly together to ensure good overall contact.
  • When applying heavier items such as coving to a vertical surface, it may be necessary to offer temporary support, either by underpinning or propping into place. Once the adhesive is cured the support will no longer be necessary. When applying lighter weight items such as decorative mouldings to vertical surfaces, support generally will not be necessary due to the excellent suction properties of Gripfill Solvent Free.
  • If using for heavy items such as wall panels, Gripfill Solvent Free must be applied all the way around each panel approximately 25mm from the edge. Additional beads must be 450 - 600mm apart. Panels of this nature should be positioned slightly above the final position and slid into place, while applying pressure to ensure the bond is not broken. Any adjustments to the final position of the material being bonded must be done within 5 minutes of placing.
  • Gripfill Solvent Free will form a surface skin quickly and materials must be bonded as soon as possible after the adhesive has been extruded. Simply wipe away excess adhesive with a damp cloth before drying. Once the bond has been made, leave to dry for 24 hours.

Clean Up

Carefully clean tools whilst adhesive is still wet by scraping away excess then removing remaining film with a clean, cloth dampened with warm, soapy water.