Prestonett Multi Purpose Filler 15KG

A water mixable powder filler for a variety of interior surfaces. Dries quickly. Easy to sand. Interior use.
Prestonett Multi Purpose Filler

In detail

Beissier Prestonett Multi-Purpose Filler is an interior powder filler for leveling surfaces, skim coating and general filling. Mixes easily in water. Applied by filling knife, blade or trowel, dries quickly to a brilliant white easy to sand finish that is ready for overcoating.

Application Methods
Filling knife

Additional information

Gradually pour the power into water, stirring until a homogeneous paste is obtained. To save time, a finishing coat can be applied over a still damp first coat.


  • Jointing: Fill the joint and embed the tape and then cover with product to fully fill the tapered edge board and feather out onto the board. Once dry sand to a smooth surface and apply a second coat feathering out further than the last.
  • Filling: Fill the cavity thoroughly, taking care to line the bottom while chasing air and equalize the surface.
  • Coving: Apply product liberally to both sides of the coving that will be in contact with the wall & ceiling and press coving into place.
  • Smoothing: Spread generously on the surface coating and smooth by removing the excess coating.


Substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry according to the local standards.

Concrete, cellular concrete, cement, concrete block, brick, mortars, plaster, plasterboard, stone, glass cloth, old painted substrates.


12 months from date of manufacture, in unopened original packaging, protected from frost, head (max. +30°C), sun and moisture. Close the packaging after each use.