Exterior Filler 2KG

Sets 5 times harder than concrete within 1 hour.
Exterior Filler

In detail

Brewers Exterior Filler sets 5 times hard than concrete within 1 hour, this product is convenient for heavy duty repairs, completely waterproof and can be built up in layers. 

Directions of use can be found in the 'more' tab.

Application Methods
Filling knife
Suitable for...
Exterior use 

Additional information

Directions of use

  • Ensure that the area to be worked is clean, free from dust and grease.
  • Dampen the surface of the area to be filled.
  • Add 5 parts filler to 1 part clean water and mix thoroughly to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply the filler immediately with a trowel or filling knife, working it well into the area to be repaired.
  • Smooth off the repair and the surrounding area before the filler starts to dry.


  • Do not mix more filler than can be applied in 5 minutes, due to the fast setting nature of Brewers fillers.
  • A really smooth finish can be achieved by using a wet blade to level off.
  • If the filler is to be used as a pour able slurry, add water until the mixture is just pourable.
  • Do not add excessive water. Pour the slurry into the hole or crack and it will level itself.
  • Do not use at temperatures below 5°C
  • If the product is being used for reinforced concrete work, or where high load bearing strength is required, 25% of aggregate should be added whilst mixing the filler. This will increase the setting time.

After use

Clean tools immediately with water, seal the bag and store in a cool, dry place.