Repair Care

A pre-treatment to be used before application of DRY FLEX®4

In detail

To be applied as a primer coat only in conjunction with DRY FLEX®4, for use in repairs and preventative maintenance. Has low viscosity, does not shrink and penetrates deeply into the wood. 

Comprised of 80ML Component A & 40ML Component B.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

Check the moisture content of the surface and the condition of the wood. Ensure that all decayed or excessively soft wood and weathered, damaged or burnt wood is completely removed until a sound wood substrate is achieved.

All surfaces must be free of dust, dirt, grease, raised wood fibres and general surface contamination. Remove any paint coatings from the surfaces to be treated and sand back to bare shiny wood. Sand the wood surface before the product is applied.


  • On all applications use a brush to pre treat the affected area with Dry Fix 4 before applying Dry Flex 4.
  • Allow a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 8 hours for the Dry Fix 4 to penetrate the surface of timber.
  • Remove any excess Dry Fix 4 which has not penetrated into the wood with absorbent paper.
  • Apply Dry Flex 4.