The Works Sealant Adhesive White 290ML

Paintable sealant. Fixes and seals wet and dry surfaces. No shrinkage. Mould resistant.
The Works Sealant Adhesive White

In detail

Geocel The Works Sealant Adhesive is for wet or dry conditions on virtually any substrate and get a secure fix and seal quickly and easily - there's no shrinkage, no staining, no solvents and no need for additional fixings for most applications. 

Resists mould growth, is flexible and over paintable with water based paint. 

Use on wet or dry surfaces Cures underwater Bonds and seal virtually any material Paintable Resists mould growth.


Additional information


Ensure substrates, gaps and cracks are clean and free from dust, dirt and grease.


  • Remove nozzle and cut off end of cartridge.
  • Replace nozzle and cut tip to required width.

To Secure: Apply in dots of beads, once applied surfaces should be firmly pressed together.

To Seal: Apply a continuous bead of the works ensuring it makes full contact with the sides and back of the joint.