Painters Mate Brilliant White 310ML + 20%

A highly flexible decorators filler for interior and exterior use. Mould resistant.
Painters Mate Brilliant White

In detail

Geocel Painters Mate is the established brand leader in the decorator's filler market. 

This unrivalled formula offers many benefits and can be used both internally and externally. 

Has high flexibility and resists cracking. Can be over painted in one hour and can be used on hairline cracks. It also contains fungicide to prevent mould growth. 

For both internal and external use. 

310ML + 20% 

Additional information

Surface Preparation

Ensure gaps or cracks to be filled are free from dust, dirt and grease and surfaces are dry. Deep gaps should be half filled with tissue paper before application.


  • Remove nozzle and cut tip to required width.
  • Place cartridge in cartridge gun and apply material into gap or crack to be filled.
  • Ensure painters mate makes full contact with sides and back of the joint.
  • Smooth surface lightly with a damp cloth after application.