Strip AwayLv 12KG

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A paste on and strip away low VOC paint remover, which strips up to 30 layers of paint from wood, plaster, brick, stone and metal
Strip AwayLv

In detail

A paste on and strip away low VOC paint remover, which strips oil based alkyd and latex based paints, polyurethanes, varnishes and shellac from wood, plaster, brick, stone and metal. 

Solvent free and water based. A highly effective product, especially on carved and moulded areas.


Additional information

Surface Preparation

To accelerate the penetration of Langlow Strip Away LV into the painted surface, the use of a coarse sandpaper or steel wool to scratch and abrade the top surface will provide a key for the stripper to begin its softening process. It is also helpful to ensure that the painted surface is free from grease, oil and any other surface contaminants likely to impede contact.

All applications of paint remover benefit from the pre-application of a test patch to determine the effectiveness of the stripper against the layers of paint present, what is the optimum thickness and residence time for the product to be applied at and whether there will be any detrimental effect to the substrate.


  • Apply with a brush, trowel or spray equipment about 2 to 3mm thick, working well into crevices and detailed areas.
  • Dab the product generously across the painted surface, ensuring a consistent layer of about 3 to 6mm is achieved on all areas.
  • Cover the paste with laminated papers with the printed side facing out.
  • Rub gently to create adhesion between the cloth and paste.
  • Dwell time can be between 30 minutes to 24-48 hours depending on the thickness and the type of coating being removed.
  • Remove by sliding a spatula or putty knife under the paste and easing paint and cloth away from the surface in one piece.
  • Exterior clean up can be done with a pressure or steam washer when working any masonry or metal surfaces.
  • When removing from wood a stiff brush can help when cleaning down.
  • For interior surfaces use medium grade steel wool to remove any residue from carved areas.
  • A wash down with Mineralised Methylated spirits as a final clean down is also recommended.
  • Allow to dry out thoroughly before re-coating.