Easy Mask Premium Masking Film 72" x 90'

Use Trimaco’s Easy Mask® Premium Masking Film to protect areas from paint overspray and dust. It’s great for covering most surfaces.

In detail

Use with a hand masker or on own to mask doors, windows, kitchen/bathroom furniture and other surfaces from paint overspray, drips and dust. Easy Mask® Premium Masking Film can be used with most hand masking devices, including Easy Mask’s QM5000 PRO™ Masker. 
The masker dispenses the film and tape together, allowing you to stick it to the edge of the surface being protected, then unfold the film to cover the surface. The wider lip design of Easy Mask Premium Masking Film makes unfolding the film easier and the static cling of the film means it will cling to most surfaces. It is treated with a unique formula that means it attracts overspray and reduces paint flaking, even through multiple coats. Less flaking means less time cleaning up at the end of the job. 
Furthermore, it is transparent so allows plenty of light in when used to mask over windows. It’s available in a variety of sizes including 72” x 90’ (1.83m x 27.43m), 99” x 90’ (2.51m x 27.43m), 24” x 180’ (0.61m x 54.86m) and 48” x 180’ (1.22m x 54.86m).

Works great with maskers
Clings to surfaces 
The wider lip design makes unfolding the film easier
Attracts overspray 
Treated with a formula that reduces flaking to allow for multiple uses
Lets light in when used over windows

72" x 90' 
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