Ultra Max II 695 PC Airless Sprayer with Extras

Comes with 1 x Ultra Max II 695, 2 finger airless gun, 15mtr hose, 40cm extension pole, 2 x 519 airless spray tips and 1 x 619 airless spray tip.
Ultra Max II 695 PC Airless Sprayer with Extras
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In detail

Graco ultra max II 695 PC has a 2.0 hp brushless DC motor, the Ultra Max II 695 ProContractor™ is a rock-solid performer for the professional residential contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings. It can handle a wide variety of tip sizes and has outstanding proven reliability. This machine can also support two guns running at the same time - More information can be found in related products below.

Graco contractor gun for use with all airless spray systems up to 3600psi. This guns needle has no exposure to the paint which then reduces the chance of wear, offering a longer life for the needle. Spring is now outside the fluid path making sure it eliminates the chance of pack out and a slow needle shut off.

Graco BlueMax airless hose is very flexible and durable, this hose is designed to maximize performance whilst being lightweight with minimum hose coil memory.

Graco BlueMax whip is available from 0.9m, this product is ideal when it comes to optimizing the working comfort.

Graco RACX & RAC5 Tips are seen to be the highest performers in industry, with also the longest lasting in comparison to others. These tips are specifically designed to maintain a wider spray pattern for a longer duration of time, this results in fewer passes of the gun and better productivity.

Suitable for...
Frequent medium/large commercial use 
Maximum working pressure (psi)
Maximum fluid flow (lpm)
Maximum tip size (Thou inch)
Motor rating (Kw / hp)
Material and solvent capacity
Solvent and water based 
Guns supported (Max)
Noise level (dB)