About us

Our environmental commitment

As a Company we are committed to doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment around us. We are continually looking at new ways to improve our environmental performance. Over recent years we have introduced a number of initiatives to support our Environmental Policy Statement and we are presently working on a host of further projects.


Throughout the Company we bale our waste cardboard and plastic shrinkwrap for collection and eventual recycling.

We also return for recycling all our used printer cartridges, redundant fluorescent tubes and bulbs and all types of electrical equipment. We are always happy for customers to return their old power tools to us for recycling when purchasing their new ones!

As far as possible we recycle our redundant paint through community recycling centres, community re-paint schemes and other worthy causes. For details of a community re-paint project near you please visit www.communityrepaint.org.uk

Cardboard icon Cardboard recycling Plastics icon Plastics recycling

Map showing Brewers plastics and cardboard recycling locations

Paint and the environment

Endeavouring to minimise impact on the environment is a key value to which Brewers is committed and positive steps have been taken towards helping customers to be eco-friendly through the products they use.

Over the last decade, decorative coatings have been subject to extensive European legislation aimed at reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained within them. This means that the amount of solvents, like white spirit, have been reduced in many everyday decorative products in order to comply with this legislation. All decorative products on the market in the UK today are therefore more environmentally friendly than they have ever been.

For information on locations where you can recycle old paint please click here

Lead in paint

For information on the effects of lead in paint, identifying surfaces containing lead and removing or renovating old lead surfaces, please download the BCF Lead in Painted Surfaces Guide.

Supporting the community

Brewers and the staff at our branches and head office recognise our social responsibility, we have supported a vast range of worthwhile causes over the years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Individuals have run marathons, travelled to remote locations, jumped out of aeroplanes, baked cakes and worn wacky clothing, all in the name of charity.

The company always likes to support those charities that are meaningful and supported by our members of staff both locally and nationally – including children’s, medical and animal charities. In addition to the charities the company has also supported some exceptional causes with a view to making a real difference through significant donations.

Centenary Year Support

In 2004, to celebrate our centenary year, we were honoured to be able to support Disability Challengers in the development of a new centre in Farnham, Surrey. The vision here was to purchase an old school house and refurbish it to create a state of the art facility.

The children’s charity was established in 1979 and is dedicated to providing play and leisure opportunities where disabled children and young people are able to come for play and respite.


Picture shows the front and rear view of the completed facility

 Front and rear views of the Disability Challengers facility

Charity Partnerships

In 2012, Brewers partnered with three charities for three years in order to support some significant developments:

St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Eastbourne

In 2012, the trustees at St Wilfrid’s, based in our home town of Eastbourne, planned to build a brand new purpose built facility to more than double the capacity of the existing building for both inpatients and developing day care facilities. This was to replace the desperately small Victorian building located in Eastbourne’s Old Town.

By committing to them between 2012-2015, we helped to complete the physical build of the new facility. We are looking to support them over the 2015-2018 period to expand their outreach programme for which there is a growing need.


The pictures below show the beautiful new facility.

St Wilfrids hospice with a patient and carer

Sightsavers, Sudan

Our support of Sightsavers work along the banks of the upper Nile in South Sudan from 2012-2015, helped them in their quest to eliminate river blindness and blindness caused by trachoma. Both diseases are endemic in the South Sudan region and to date our support helped train two dedicated trachoma surgeons who have to date made over 38,000 trachoma interventions as well as funding some 2,500 cataract surgeries.


Pictures below show the medical professionals in action

Opticians, patients and surgeons at Sightsavers, South Sudan

Dreamland Mission Hospital, Kenya

Run by IcFEM, the current hospital in Kimilili, Kenya started out as a small medical dispensary and over the years with our support has grown in size and capability. It provides local people with access to affordable medical treatment that they would otherwise have to travel long and very arduous journeys to access.

The current hospital consists of a very small unit which punches well above its weight and has been doing excellent work in very testing conditions over the past 10 years. With our support between 2012-2015 they have been able to construct a hygienic surgical theatre to provide the resources to carry out a wide range of operations. They have also added two ten bedded wards and onsite staff accommodation to the facilities.

This year they have added a modern kitchen so that the 150 meals cooked each day no longer have to be prepared over open wooden fires.

The impact in this community has been phenomenal, so much so that we have committed to support further developments of this vital resource from 2015-2018.


Pictures below show some of the new facility and the happy staff at the Hospital

The Dreamland Mission hospital and staff in Kenya

To keep up to date with the latest progress with these partnerships and the numerous charities we support get social with us on Twitter and Facebook.