Project Specification

We can help take the guesswork out of tendering for bigger, more complex jobs. Our team can help you choose and price materials and estimate the labour required to apply them.

Pricing with confidence

If you’ve been invited to tender for a project we can help you estimate your materials accurately and advise on the techniques, equipment and the kind of man hours you’ll need to deliver an excellent job.

The larger the job, the more flexible we can be with pricing, so you can be confident that your materials costings will be competitive.

Experts in your team

We offer the expertise of our exceptionally experienced team completely free, providing you with product specification, advice on application and pricing to include in your proposal with no obligation.

We have ready access to technical support from a huge supplier network, so with our combined knowledge on your side you can be confident you can propose the best technical specification at the best value for your client.

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To get started call Brewers on 01323 411080 or alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll arrange for the right person to come back to you as soon as possible.

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