Our know-how hub gives you the decorating knowledge and advice you need. Whether it is about combating mould, learning about spray application or understanding the wallpaper symbols, our know-how hub can help.

Product Guides

We stock a huge range of decorating products of every kind. Our product guides are designed to guide you through the differences between products, comparing what they do to help you choose the right one for each job.

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How To…

Use our problem solver or browse expert advice on ways to approach all kinds of decorating jobs, including best practice in health & safety and hints and tips that can help make the jobs you do every day that little bit more satisfying.

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Specialist Help

If you’re tackling a specialist project, our ICORR-qualified team can advise on specialist coatings and help with specification, free.

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Problem solver

Expert step by step advice for the trickiest decorating situations.

Our problem solver gives you ways to prepare existing finishes for new paint and treat complex problems like rust in masonry or soot from smoke.

It takes you through covering stains and graffiti, and how to prepare a wide range of untreated raw construction surfaces to achieve a longer lasting professional finish.

And of course… comprehensive product recommendations for every step of every job.

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