Which blue paint colour would you choose?

June 28th, 2023

Blue is a popular colour in the world of interiors and it’s easy to see why. Choosing the right blue paint colour can have a transformative effect on how a person feels when they walk into a space. From feeling an oasis of calm and serenity to dramatic and glamourous, choosing the right blue is a tricky one. We have put together a collection of our favourite blues from the Albany collection to help you achieve the perfect feeling in your space.

Light Blue Paint:

A light blue can help us feel serene due to the connection with the natural world. Reminiscent of wide-open skies or crystal blue shores, using a light blue within a space can help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed. Blue tints are also perfect for rooms with a lot of natural light or south facing rooms.

Cup of Sugar – An almost white with blue undertones

Waterfall – A pale blue with green undertones

Skye Boat – A pure blue hue

Inky Blue Paint:

Inky blues are deeper and therefore more dramatic. Whether you’re decorating a small room or a big room, inky blue tones can make a real statement. Think about combining with natural wood tones and pops of brighter colours to establish impact.

Storm Blue – A moodier blue with strong green undertones

Napoleon – A rich, deep blue

Denim Dream – A rich blue with strong purple undertones

Green and Grey Blues:

Blues with green or grey undertones can also be a playful way to experiment with the colour blue. Blue shades are more muted and add a level of sophistication to your calm oasis. If you would prefer a teal, check out this article>>

Fordingbridge – A warm shade of blue

Faded Denim – A warm blue with undertones of green and grey

Adam – A blue with strong undertones of green

Strong blue paint colours can create a totally unique look, and a talking point with your guests. Painting samples of these blues onto lining paper and placing them within the space will help you choose the perfect blue. 

Still struggling to find the perfect blue for you? With Brewers' bespoke colour match service, simply take in a sample of your favourite blue for your local Brewers to scan and tint a bespoke paint colour in your chosen Albany finish.