Transforming your Room with Curtains

June 21st, 2023

Curtains have the power to finish off your scheme beautifully, but there are so many decisions to make when choosing the right pair! Here are six things to think about when choosing your curtains:

Curtain Fittings:

Tracks and poles are the two main options for curtains. Tracks are very practical for larger windows whilst curtain poles are more decorative and are available in a wide range of colours and materials to match the rest of your room. There are also some clever options that combine a track within a pole, so you get the best of both worlds!

Curtain Headings:

At Brewers, we offer many different types of heading, including the 4 most common types: pencil pleats, pinch pleats, wave and eyelets. Pencil pleats give a beautifully classic look whilst pinch pleats are much more tailored for a luxurious feel. Wave and eyelets are more contemporary with softer folds.

Curtain Fabrics:

Different materials can have a huge impact on the way curtains fall, thicker materials can also block out more light and keep warmth in. Natural fabrics are strong and durable in varying thicknesses. Weaves are hardwearing and simple whilst pile weaves such as velvet create a softer look. Synthetics are more crease-resistant and therefore more flowy with voiles and sheers letting in more natural light.

Curtain Designs:

You can choose whether you would prefer a plain or patterned curtain to enhance your space. A neutral plain curtain will allow them to blend into the space whilst a colourful plain could be the perfect pop of colour your space is yearning for. 

For the adventurers, there is a whole world of patterned fabrics waiting to be discovered in thousands of colours. You could opt for a smaller, subtler pattern or go all out with a bold design. Either way, this could be a great starting point for introducing other colours and patterns throughout the room.

Curtain Linings:

Linings are an important factor of your curtains as they can really help block out the light or keep heat in depending on the way you like to use the space. Thermal linings and interlinings are perfect for energy saving and keeping lounges nice and snug whilst dimout linings can keep bedrooms darker for longer, blocking out more natural daylight.

Curtain Length:

The most common question: what length should curtains be? Well, it’s all down to you! Floor to ceiling curtains can make a ceiling appear taller and balance out long and or wide windows and doors. Curtains can puddle on the floor for an opulent look or hover above the floor for minimal dust pick up. Curtains can also sit just above the windowsill or just below depending on your preference. The important aspect is ensuring you have measured correctly.

If you would like to create a bespoke pair of curtains for your room, why not check out the Brewers Made to Measure service at select stores. From measuring to installation, the Made to Measure team are there for you every step of the way. 

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