Dustless Sanding

November 6th, 2023

What is Dust Free Sanding?

Dust free sanding is exactly that, sanders and abrasives that have been designed with dust-free applications in mind. Usually, sanding creates lots of dust which can have major health implications for those who are sanding. Dust Free Sanding solutions not only create a healthy environment to work in, but they are also more efficient! 

Mirka Abranet:

Twenty years ago, Mirka introduced Abranet which is an abrasive featuring a net structure, rather than the traditional paper backing seen in ordinary abrasives. This produces an extremely efficient on-tool dust removal system which vastly improves the working environment. Abranet can be combined with Mirka’s power tools and dust extractors for a safe working environment. Mirka are specialized in coated, non-woven and dust-free sanding products for surface finishing. 

Mirka Dust Extractors:

Mirka Dust Extractors are a high performing tool which enables dust free sanding.  There are two types of Dust Extractors:

  1. L Class: designed for soft woods and solid surface materials.
  2. M Class: designed for hardwoods, board materials, concrete and brick dust.

The class of machine is really important as this allows you to not only identify the right machine for your work, but also meets class requirements that are specified when working on constructions sites. 

You can plug your power tool straight into the dust extractor which means it will automatically switch on once you start sanding, saving time and money. The dust extractors come with fleece dust bags and must always be used with Mirka anti-static hoses.

Festool Dust Extraction Systems:

Mobile Dust Extractors are an extremely important aspect to the Festool system concept. Festool develops their own tools as well as their own extractors which are compatible with all Festool electric power tools and air tools. All Festool machines are exposed to tough test conditions to meet the high expectations Festool sets. In addition to L and M Class machines, Festool also have Class H rated machines which offer greater suction and filtration figures which is usually recommended when working with really nasty dusts such as mould, asbestos, formaldehyde, germs and bacteria.

The Benefits of Dust Free Sanding:

  1. Healthier - you will work in a much healthier environment, removing the risk to your own health.
  2. Cleaner – cleaning up after your project is a much easier process without copious amounts of dust everywhere.
  3. Saves time – less time spent on protecting surfaces and clean up means your job is finished much quicker.
  4. Happy customers – customers will be astounded by the lack of dust produced from the job.
  5. Professional finish – receive a better surface finish after using a dustless sanding system
  6. Cost-effective – dustless sanding tools and accessories typically last longer due to the lack of dust clogging equipment.