Masking up Before Spray Painting

March 17th, 2022

Masking up before paint spraying is essential to ensure the perfect finish, especially if you’re new to the paint spraying business. Fortunately, we have a range of different products that will help with paint masking before you dive into your project. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail! 

When undertaking any decorating there is an element of masking and sheeting up.

When it comes to spray painting it is normal to allow double your usual masking time, the more confident and competent you become with spray, the amount you have to mask will reduce. The type of spray system can also affect the amount of masking you have to undertake.

HVLP units atomise the paint producing a factory like finish on doors and trim and are popular for joinery applications to windows, kitchen units, and bedroom furniture which means they produce less “overspray”.  You don’t necessarily need to mask as much with a HVLP sprayer compared to using an airless spray system, which are generally more popular as they are fantastic wall applicators.

The secret to masking when spraying is to do all the masking before starting the job. When applying paint by brush and roller, most decorators tend to mask as they go. When using a sprayer, you ideally would have everything masked so when you start spraying, you don’t have to stop until the work is finished. This may mean spending a day masking, but once this step is complete, you will be able to mist coat and finish the ceilings of an average 4 bed house in no time.

Masking Films and Tapes:

  1. Masking films are available in a range of sizes and are great for covering larger areas, window and door reveals. The film is statically charged so it clings to surfaces and doesn’t flap around like normal plastic; it also has a special coating that, should it be coated with paint, will resist cracking and peeling when removing which will help the cleaning up process. 
  2. 3M Masking Film which is ideal for protecting floors and furniture from accidental paint splashes. Pre-folded, high density and non-porous, the 3M Masking Film offers great overspray protection and is flake resistant for multiple coat use.
  3. Tesa Easy Cover is a masking tape and protective film all in one, which offers fantastic protection for larger areas and objects. Tesa Easy Cover also comes with the added benefit that it offers up to 7 days indoor use residue-free removal.
  4. Tesa 7 Day Masking Tape is perfect for all internal painting jobs, ensures sharp paint edges and offers up to 7 days indoor use residue-free removal.

In taking time to mask up the area properly before spray painting it will not only protect against splashes or drips, but also give an outstanding finish to complete the job to the highest standard.

For more advice on spray painting, please head into your local store or call our specialist helpline advisors on 01323 576101.

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