Choosing the Best Paint Roller

March 30th, 2023

When it comes to choosing a roller, there are two things you need to think about…what type of job you are working on and what surface you’re painting. This will help you to navigate through the world of rollers to help you achieve the perfect finish.

When looking at roller sleeves, it’s important to look at the pile length of the roller. This simply refers to how long the material is. Roller sleeves are generally made from microfibre, foam or a woven fabric. 

The smoother the surface, the shorter the pile of roller sleeve. Short pile rollers are perfect for walls, ceilings and furniture whilst long pile rollers are better suited for rougher surfaces such as pebbledash, rendered walls or artex ceilings. If you’re painting something in between such as a period property with slightly textured walls or breeze block, opt for a medium pile roller.

Top tip: Remember, it’s all in the preparation! Freshly sanded and cleaned substrates will lead to a better surface to paint on.

If you are painting more intricate works, use a smaller roller. For example, if you’re painting furniture or trim, opt for a 4” roller. For walls and ceilings, choose a 9” roller and for larger projects, select a 12” roller. Once you have chosen your sleeve, make sure you choose a compatible roller cage. If you’re painting a ceiling, don’t forget the extension pole!

It doesn’t tend to matter whether you’re using oil-based or water-based paints when choosing a roller in the same way as paintbrushes. If you need advice on what to choose for a specific project, speak to one of our friendly colleagues in store or get in touch at