Know the Differences Between Paint Brushes

November 17th, 2022

There are key things to consider when choosing your new brush, when you purchase a brush you tend to get what you pay for. 

In general, the better the brush, the more likely you are to get a better finish. Here are some key differences to help you decide which is the best brush for your project.

Brush Shapes:

Different brush shapes will allow you to achieve a better finish depending on the project you're working on. 

An angled brush is perfect for cutting in, whilst a round brush can be used for cutting in and the finer details. 

Square brushes are great for general painting and oval brushes can be used for general painting and profile work.

Brush Handles:

Here you can see all the different types of brush handles. 

They all vary in length and weight for balance and provide extra reach and comfort for the individual decorator. 

Try before you buy to check which handle is the most comfortable for you.

Brush Ferrules:

Ferrules are the metal band that secure the filaments to handle the houses, spacer plug or wedge. 

These too come in different shapes including square, angled and oval. 

Ensure you have a brush with a rust resistant ferrule so they last a long time.

Brush Filament/Bristles:

Thicker filaments hold more paint, whilst thinner filaments reduce drag for a more even finish. 

Natural bristles are great when you're using oil-based paints or creating specific paint effects.

Synthetic brushes are better suited to water-based coatings as there is no expansion when wet. 100% nylon filaments can become more pliable when wet. 

Durable and long lasting synthetic filament can either be solid, X-shaped or hollow.

Brush Tips:

Flagged or tipped brush tips are more efficient in picking up paint and reducing visible paint strokes. 

Tapered synthetic filaments will provide a smoother finish than un-tapered.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Brush:

Be prepared to try new designs which are recommended for specific finishes/purposes if your budget allows, as some tremendous developments have been made in recent times with synthetic filaments and general design which mean that brushes are more tailored to specific uses now than they ever have been.

There are however, many very good general purpose brushes available too, so if in doubt these will usually give a very acceptable result.

A good quality brush should last you a long time. Read our handy guide on how to maintain and look after your paint brushes>>

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