Why you Should use Violet in your Next Colour Scheme

May 8th, 2023

Violet isn’t a colour that necessarily comes to mind when you think of interiors but with a recent surge in popularity, violet can be a sophisticated alternative to pink or blue. With such a vast range of violets available from Albany, we delve into the world of violets to show you how you can use violet paints for your next interior decorating project.

Violet Colour Psychology

Violet has always had regal connotations as the ingredients used to make purple dyes and paints were the most expensive. Because of this, royalty would often wear purple to signify their wealth and has remained popular ever since!

Violet is said to encourage creativity, intuition and wisdom and has strong association with spirituality. 

Whether you would like to encourage this feeling into your space or you simply love the colour, there are some beautiful violet paint colours from Albany for you to use.

The Violet Spectrum:

There are a vast collection of violets ranging from red-ish violets to blue-ish violets with violet tints, tones and shades in-between. 

As you can see, layering violets to create a harmonious scheme is a beautiful way to showcase this colour within your space. Here are our favourite violets from the Albany colour collection:

Northern Glow – a true lilac.

Lilac Wash – the palest tint of lilac with cool tones.

Crocus – a mid-tone violet.

Heritage Rose – a red-violet for a rosier feel.