Wallpaper - Rolling out the Choices!

June 30th, 2020

Wallpaper can instantly transform any space, from feature wall to a fully papered room, wallpaper makes a visually stunning statement whether patterned or a single block of colour.

Brewers have a vast array of wallpaper brands, styles and finishes. With collections from Albany, Borastapeter, Cole & Son, Farrow and Ball, Harlequin, Little Greene, Morris and Sanderson to name but only a few of the brands available.

There are however different types of wallpaper and knowing the differences is key. This article rolls out the different wallpaper choices so choosing your wallpaper doesn’t leave you hanging.

Hanging Methods:

Paste the Paper:

The hanging method for traditional wallpapers is to first soak the backing in adhesive before applying to the wall to ensure that the paper has expanded to avoid any unsightly gaps. Check the wallpaper label to see which one the manufacturer recommends, and how long you need to let it soak in before you hang the paper.

Paste the Wall (Non-Woven):

These types of papers are constructed of polyester fibres within the paper pulp. This means there is no need to soak the paper with adhesive so the wall can be pasted directly. The dry paper is then applied straight to the wall surface.

The paper, which is often soft to the touch, does not expand when wet so pieces can be easily removed and repaired, and is mostly dry strippable for extra ease of removal.

Ready Pasted Vinyls:

Like their name suggests ready pasted wallpapers don’t require pasting and come in a great variation of designs.

With ease of application and good durability, ready pasted vinyls offer washabilty which is useful when used in high impact areas such as hallways.

Wallpaper Types:


Standard wallpapers are flat in their construction and are the type of paper most people think of when talking about wallpaper. With such a wide range, styles and quality, flat wallpapers are extremely popular and used in a vast variety of spaces.


Areas with high traffic or commercial spaces may require extra durability. Vinyl wallpapers have a thin, transparent plastic coating on top of the paper which gives good strength. This makes these hardwearing wallcoverings ideal for areas which may experience wear and tear, as well as being suitable for bathroom and kitchen use.

Textured Wallpapers:

Most designs are printed flat on a paper pulp, but there are some textured alternatives available such as flock, or textured wallpapers. These are often used to add additional embellishment and are more forgiving on uneven surfaces.